Guest house

Stay at a World Heritage Site.

Limited to one group per day, entertaining with local cuisine and local sake.

You can experience the country lifestyle at the gassho-zukuri guest house, “Yusuke”. It is located in Ainokura village, a World Heritage Site, which is rare in the world. Here, you can listen to stories about life in Ainokura and gassho-zukuri by the owner while watching the fire in the Irori, hearth. The flavorful mountain vegetables and freshwater fish used in this traditional cuisine will be your memorable meal. Since the accommodation is limited to one group per day, you can spend a quiet day in the mountain village slowly and leisurely without worrying about other guests. Please stay with your family or in a group of two or more people. (up to 4 people)
Guest house "Yusuke" Price and overview
Yusuke Built 1868(the first year of the Meiji era)
Guest house opened 1967
Address 591 Ainokura, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture 939-1915
Capacity 1 group per day 2-4 people
Price ( two meals, tax included) Adult 2 people / 14,000 yen per person
Adult 3 people / 14,000 yen per person
Adult 4 people / 13,000 yen per person
Children (up to elementary school students) 10,000 yen
・Accommodation is from 2 adults
・Children under 5 years old are not allowed to stay
・During the winter period (October-April), a heating fee of 500 yen will be charged per person.
・Reservations are accepted from 6 months before your stay.
Cancellation fee 7 to 2 days before… 30% of accommodation fee
The day before… 50% of the accommodation fee
On the day… 100% of the accommodation fee
Check-in time 15:30
・The parking lot can be used even if you arrive early
・Luggage can be stored for those who use the bus.
Check out time 9:30
Dinner time Summer 18:30 / Winter 18:00
Parking 5 cars