Exhibition hall

Learn about Gokayama and
“Gassho-zukuri” houses.

The exhibition hall where you can learn about the time when sericulture was carried out.

Gokayama Ainokura Gassho-zukuri Village is the World Heritage Site where people actually live, which is rare in the world. The exhibition hall is attached to a guest house in the largest gassho-zukuri.
On the 2nd floor, the sericulture tools, living tools, and handmade models are exhibited, recreating the lifestyle of old days. In addition, the history and folklore of Gokayama are displayed such as a panel explaining the process of making Gokayama washi paper and saltpeter, and photoes. The 3rd floor has been preserved as it was at that time so that you can see how it was when sericulture was being carried out.
You can clearly see the internal structure of the gassho-zukuri, which is very unique traditional farmhouse, such as soot-smoked beams and straw ropes.
Gassho-zukuri Exhibition Hall "Yusuke"

10:00 ~ 15:00

Tuesdays, During New Year’s Holidays,
Obon(about a few days in the middle of August),
*We may be closed irregularly.

〈Admission fee〉
Adult 300 yen (tax included)
Junior high school and high school students 200 yen (tax included)
Child 100 yen (tax included)
*Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults.

〈Exhibition contents〉
Gokayama History, sericulture, saltpeter,
photographs, folk handicrafts etc.

Yusuke and Minpaku
(National Museum of Ethnology)
National Museum of Ethnology
At the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, a 1/10 model of gassho-zukuri Yusuke is on display.